AD Series

Actuated Mini Control
Ceramic Linear Valves
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AD Series Ultra-High Purity Ceramic Ball Valves

The AD ceramic valve series is designed for challenging high purity environments with superior characteristics in the areas of corrosion, abrasion, cavitation, and control:

  • Corrosion. Virtually inert to organic and inorganic chemicals, stable against most acids and alkalis; do not interact with or contaminate process media.
  • Abrasion.  99.5% alumina ceramic is 43% harder than zirconia, 140% harder than porcelain, and 730% harder than stainless steel. 
  • Cavitation.  Even severe, continuous cavitation will not damage our ceramic valve components, making them ideal for use in pressure-differential applications. 
  • Ultra-Precise Control.  Our mini-control valves
    offer less than 0.2% backlash/stiction, 0.1 second
    average response time, and 0% overshoot.

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