AR Series

Electronic Digital Control
Ceramic Linear Control Valves

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AR Series Ultra-High Purity Ceramic Ball Valves

This AR ceramic valve series is designed for outstanding control precision, repeatability, resolution, and other characteristics needed for high-speed operation in a compact body — qualities unachievable with conventional motor drive valves.

  • Electronic signal. Operation with a4-20 mA instrumentation signal.
  • Outstanding resolution. Standard models take 2133 steps per full stroke. 
  • Less than 0.1% hysteresis.  AR2000 electronic valves use a stepping motor for extremely high stroke positioning. 
  • Direct computer control.  Simply install an interface to enable direct computer control.
  • No electro-pneumatic converter required. Valves can be controlled by cable up to 100 m from the control panel.
  • Explosion-proof designs (d2G4) available.   

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